NDGLC Mentor Network

The NDGLC has established a network of mentors to provide experience-based guidance and counsel to  interested producers and agency personnel on grassland management.

Advice the mentors provide is based upon knowledge and experience gained on their operations and the interaction they have with other ranchers across the state. Since, no two ranches are alike, you need to adapt what you may learn from these individuals to your own goals, resources and management abilities.

Mentors are available to discuss a number of topics one-on-one. In addition mentors, are willing speak at workshops, conferences, and tours.

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More than advice...

"It's hard for me to summarize our experiences with the Njos' (thru the mentorship program) ... there are so many individual learning moments that I pull up on a daily basis but the lasting lesson of our relationship is the reassurance that "Hey, we're headed in the right direction". The confidence boost after a quick chat or text or photo question (Yes, that's third leaf), the ability to bounce an idea off of, or share a funny "Well THAT didn't work like we thought" story. The sharing of knowledge, opinions and advice has been such a blessing... but the friendship that has been created is priceless." - Elizabeth Morical, Hettinger, ND


Topics of Expertise

Mentors and Expertise

If you are interested in getting in contact with a mentor or you have specific management questions, please contact our field representative:

Trish Feiring