​Keith worked for the Bureau of Land Management in Nevada and Montana before returning home in 1982 to farm and ranch with his father, Joe, and brother, Kent. In 1988, Keith married his wife, Sandi, and moved east of Sheldon on the northeast side of the Sheyenne National Grasslands.
He has been farming and ranching on the Sheyenne Delta in southeastern North Dakota for over 30 years and, today, Keith ranches with his wife, Sandi and son Karl. The ranching operation currently runs cow-calf pairs and background the calves and occasionally finishes the calves depending on market conditions. 

The ranch pastureland consists of native tall-grass prairie, tame pastures and restored tall-grass prairie. Cropland is integrated into grazing plans and utilizes wheat, corn, and sunflower crop aftermath and cover crops for early spring, fall and winter grazing. 


Areas of expertise are:

  • Grazing Plans
  • Grazing rotations
  • Fence development
  • Crop aftermath grazing
  • Tall-grass prairie restoration
  • Cover crop planting and grazing
  • Winter grazing corn stalks and cover crops
  • Next generation transition planning



Contact Information:

Phone: 701-882-3460
Email: kbarth@mlgc.com