David Bauer grew up on a farm/ranch near Regan and joined his brother and father in the farming and ranching operation in 1998. In 1999, David’s brother wanted to stop raising pigs and cattle and focus on crops, but David wanted to continue ranching, so he took over that side of the operation. He now has 270 head of cattle that he runs on 2,550 acres of rented and owned land.  He tries to move the cattle to a new paddock every three to seven days. David’s wife, Tonya, helps on the ranch when she isn’t teaching, and they have three children, Hunter, Trayton and Olivia.  

David took a class on holistic management in 2011 and another shortly after. Following these classes, David changed some of his holistic practices and implemented others including calving in May, watching grasses and trying to get cattle to fit the land and the environment. David and his family believe in regenerative practices, and the five soil health principles that will lead to their goal of healthy soil, landscape, plants, animals, and people. 


Areas of expertise are:

  • Fencing
  • Grazing Management/rotations
  • Livestock movement


Contact Information:

Cell: 701-400-1165
Email: dave_bauer@msn.com