John and Annie Carlson are third and fourth generation farmers. They own Morning Joy Farm in central North Dakota on Annie’s family farm. Annie gained extensive knowledge growing up as her dad’s right-hand woman in livestock operations. The Carlson’s started Morning Joy Farm in 2007, the same year they were married. Annie and John also homeschool their children who have their own animal enterprise.
John and Annie raise exclusively grass-fed cattle, sheep and goats and pasture their pork, eggs, turkeys, and broiler chickens. They rotationally graze with multiple species including cows, sheep, horses, and goats. John and Annie sell to both direct market customers on a bulk meat basis and into the conventional livestock market.  Holistic practices they currently use, besides rotational multispecies grazing, are enterprise stacking and bale grazing. Their experience with regenerative agriculture has proven the utmost importance in their operations because they not only sustain current levels of practices and productivity, but those levels grow in balance with one another.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Grazing Management/ Rotation
  • Economics of Grazing Management
  • Livestock as a Management Tool


Phone: 701-447-2649