Derrick and Angie Dukart moved back to Derrick's parents' dairy and beef operation in 1997. The dairy was dispersed in 2008 and the operation transitioned to a full time ranching and cropping operation. Together they have three children Iris, Ian and Jude. The Dukarts operate in partnership with Derrick's parents and use a variety of methods of holistic management practices and regenerative agriculture. 

The family runs a full-scale cattle operation that includes both commercial and registered black and red angus mother cows along with yearling heifers and sell 30 forage developed bulls every fall. They also have implemented a cropping system which includes spring wheat., winter wheat, barley, oats, corn, sunflowers, alfalfa and cover crops. To maintain sustainable crops and pastures Derrick is partial to utilizing soil health practices that includes 100% no-till cropping and managing pastures with a twice over management system. Derrick has implemented a whole farm enterprise analysis since moving back to the operation utilizing North Dakota’s Farm Business Management Program. Derrick appreciates regenerative agriculture and the principles that rehabilitate and enhance the entire ecology of the operation from soil health down to water management, fertilizer and more.


Areas of expertise are:

  • Fencing
  • Cropland Aftermath Grazing
  • Grazing Management/Rotations
  • Water Development/Placement
  • Cover Crops


Contact Information:

Phone: 701-260-2422