​Donnie and Trish Feiring, along with their two daughters, Harley and Taylor, own and operate a 1,985-acre registered Angus ranch in Golden Valley County, located near the North Dakota and Montana state line. Donnie and Trish both grew up on ranches in western North Dakota. 
After being given the opportunity to purchase 640 acres of land the fall of 2011, the Feirings knew they wouldn’t be able to operate in a conventional manner. They attended an Introduction to Holistic Management course in February of 2012 and put their newly gained skills to work by establishing a holistic goal for their ranch. 

The Feiring’s cattle operation has been 100 percent forage-developed since 2012. They annually market 30 head of 18-month-old, forage-developed bulls and 25 to 30 head of commercial heifer calves. They utilize portable electric fencing systems in combination with high-density grazing to improve soil health on their operation.

In 2014, they started H & T Egg Company, which consists of pastured broiler chickens and laying hens. The poultry enterprise adds to improved soil health and integrates their daughters into the operation. 

Areas of expertise are:

  • Fencing
  • Grazing Management/Rotations
  • Livestock Movement
  • Water Development/Placement
  • Livestock as a Management Tool
  • Pastured Poultry
  • Bale Grazing

Contact Information:

Home: 701-872-5888
Cell: 701-228-4622