Steve Fettig and his wife, Sherry, have four children, Tyler, Stephanie, Michael and Nicole.  They, along with Steve’s brother, Chuck, own Fettig Land and Cattle. Steve’s grandfather, Mathias, a German/Russian immigrant, bought the land in 1920.

His father, Anton, took over the operation in 1940s. In 1980, Steve and Chuck began ranching together on the land. They took Alan Savory’s holistic management course in 1986 and built a cowherd from 180 to 400 pairs and quit crop farming. In 1997, a shortage of hay and a tough winter caused the brothers to sell the cowherd and start a custom grazing operation. 

​Steve and his son, Michael care for 1,300 head of yearlings from mid-May through October.  Chuck manages the gravel hauling business that they started in 2010.

The animals are run in one herd and managed with one to two-day grazing periods alternatively, with recovery time the remainder of the year. Pastures are grazed once during the summer.

Watering points with shallow pipelines and pastures sub-divided with poly wire and step in posts are developed continually. The ranchers’ goals include family, faith and soil health that is not only sustainable, but regenerative.


Areas of expertise are:

  • Fencing
  • Grazing Management
  • Water Development
  • Low-Stress Livestock Movement


Contact Information:

Phone: 701-452-2813