Lance, his wife, Anissa, and daughter, Alyson, operate a 300 cow/calf operation and no-till cropping system near Glen Ullin. The Gartners also have five other children who all help on the ranch when needed.  The ranch was started by Lance’s father in 1977, and Lance and Anissa began implementing holistic management practices in 2004.

Since beginning holistic management practices, the Gartners have significantly increased the amount of paddocks on their ranch. They have also implemented cross fencing, laid water lines and put marginal land back to grass. They started winter grazing in 2005 and bale grazing in 2008, all with an increase in soil health as their goal, and most often practice three to five-day grazing moves. They do not vaccinate their herd and focus on health with nutrition and grazing management. 


Areas of expertise are:

  • Goal Setting/Decision Making
  • Fencing
  • Grazing Management/Rotations
  • Livestock Movement
  • Water Development/Placement
  • Livestock as a Management Tool​​
  • Winter Grazing Strategies


Contact Information:

Phone: 701-348-3740