Shane and Lindsay Maddock own and operate Maddock Ranch in north central North Dakota near Maddock. They have two children, Aubrey and Emery. Shane is a fourth generation
rancher and second generation regenerative rancher.
Shane and Lindsay run a diversified livestock operation. They have cow/calf pairs, stockers, grass finishing cattle, sheep, and chickens. They strive to build soil health using Holistic planning to build grazing plans, and winter feeding plans that have soil health in mind first. Shane calls his grazing method “High Energy Grazing,” where the cattle only graze the top one-third of the plant where the greatest amount of energy resides.
They have integrated cover crops into their ranch, using the crops as a fall and winter feed source. This has led to a drastic improvement in soil health from using covers and high energy
grazing. The ability of the land to infiltrate water nearly quadrupled in five years, giving the ranch the ability to store moisture for future dry years. 

Areas of expertise are:

  • Goal Setting/Decision making
  • Cropland Aftermath Grazing
  • Livestock Movement
  • Livestock as a Management Tool
  • Cover Crops
  • Winter Grazing Strategies

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