Jay Reiser of Washburn began ranching in 2010. He calves out cows in May to late June, runs yearling grass calves and takes in custom grazing cattle.
He uses holistic planning as the foundation to build and improve his ranch. Jay intensely manage the land in hopes to build a profitable ranch. He integrates practices such as bale grazing, winter grazing, high stock density grazing and rotational grazing. He has a desire to be a part of regenerative agriculture; using livestock grazing management to improve soil health. 

Areas of expertise are:

  • Goal Setting/Decision Making
  • Monitoring and Record Keeping
  • Fencing
  • Economics of Grazing Management
  • Grazing Management/Rotations
  • Livestock Movement
  • Using Livestock as a Management Tool
  • Grazing Land for Wildlife
  • Winter Grazing Strategies


Contact Information:

Cell: 701-400-1497
Email: jayreiser@yahoo.com