Kalie is a registered dietitian who learned the importance of nutrition firsthand after a personal health crisis, during which she discovered the healing power of pastured meats, fats, and broths. She dove into the ancestral and traditional food movements, where she started cooking and eating like her grandparents, and became quite curious as to where the nutrition science crossed over into ancestral foods. 

She then went on to research grass-fed beef from the perspective of nutrition and the soil in graduate school at the University of Montana. After her studies, she moved back home to her brother's (Jed Rider) ranch outside Williston, N.D., to be closer to the prairie and her extended family. Today, she is passionate about food as it relates to the land and how food nourishes the body. 

When she isn't teaching her nieces and nephews the importance of healthy eating or how to cook, she is playing guitar in her band Gettin' Outta Dodge and writing songs about North Dakota's beautiful landscape. Kalie's expertise includes ancestral and traditional foods; nutrition as it pertains to children; the health benefits of pastured meats, broths, organs, and fats; and how culture and the land influence our food choices. 

Areas of expertise are:

  • Health Benefits of Grass-fed Beef

Contact Information:

Cell: 701-580-2457