In 1989, Keith Kronberg and his wife, Kay, purchased 80 acres of land west of Forbes. They decided they should have animals on the land, so they purchased sheep. Keith and Kay ranch with his two sons, Pete and Thomas, and they have three other children, Christy, Ann and Will.
The Kronbergs operate an exclusive sheep ranch with 600 ewes. They graze the sheep as much as possible, with rotational grazing and moves every one to three days. They lamb in late spring/early summer and sell feeder lambs. The ranch also includes a feedlot to contain the natural runoff.
The Kronbergs had some farmland in the past but have since planted it back to native grasses. Pete and Thomas also attended the Ranching for Profit school a few years ago, and the family implemented many of the ideas they learned, including eliminating the use of hay.

Kay and their daughter-in-law, Ellie, also have a successful Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) garden, which uses above ground tunnels to grow vegetables.

Areas of expertise are:

  • Economics of Grazing Management
  • Cropland Aftermath Grazing
  • Grazing Management/Rotations
  • Livestock Movement
  • Water Development/Placement
  • Cover Crops


Contact Information:

Cell: 701-357-7171